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    Manuka Honey & Its Skin Benefits

    Manuka honey has long been a standout ingredient in many forms, such as gut health and weight loss. However, many people don’t know that Manuka honey is a super-food for your skin!

    Manuka honey, founded in New Zealand has attracted worldwide attention as it became know for its incredible healing agents, not found in other honeys.

    Manuka honey contains the enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which is a known antiseptic with incredible antibacterial properties. The honey has also been found to stimulate the immune system by providing nutrients for rapid tissue repair while reducing inflammation.

    Grahams specifically uses Manuka honey in a variety of our skincare products as the benefits of manuka honey on the skin are extraordinary as it draws in vital moisture to the skin, providing hydration and nourishment. Manuka honey also aids in balancing your skins pH levels, while helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes. The overall benefits of adding manuka honey into skincare products if profound as it is an essential ingredient to provide relief to sensitive or acne prone skin. 


    How does Manuka Honey help in Grahams Products:

    Acne Gel & Acne Wash:

    Manuka honey aids in both products by providing anti-inflammatory properties to the skin, reducing the redness that often comes with acne. The active manuka honey in the products also dry out the blemishes and soothe the acne prone skin.

    C+ Cream for Eczema:

    Manuka honey provides essential anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to eczema prone skin to help relieve the itchy and pain that is associated with eczema. Manuka Honey also provides the skin with vital moisture, providing hydration for over 6 hours to the affected areas.

    Psoriasis Cream:

    Manuka honey is one of the prominent ingredients in the Grahams Psoriasis Cream. The ingredient provides essential antibacterial properties to help control the bacteria on psoriasis skin. Manuka Honey also provides hydration to the skin to further facilitate the removal of the dead skin while rehydrating the epidermal layer.

    Soothe it Gel:

    Our sooth it gel provides relief from stings, bites and allergic reactions through natural ingredients. Manuka honey acts extensively within our sooth it gel by providing anti-inflammatory relief to those areas of concern. In addition, the combination of Manuka Honey and Chamomile provide a calming relief to the affected areas.

    Natural Cleansing Bar for Body & Hair:

    Our cleansing bar is a gentle soap formula that can be used as a Shampoo. The bar contains active Manuka Honey to help control the bacteria on the skin and also makes your skin smell great. This bar is great for those suffering with sensitive skin and a sensitive scalp, as it gently cleans your skin, provides an antibacterial benefit while hydrating the skin to add vital nourishment.

    Body Wash:

    Our body wash is enriched with natural, powerful ingredients to gently cleanse the body and adding hydration without drying the skin out. The Manuka honey in our body wash provides a gentle cleanse to help protect and hydrate those with sensitive skin.